In a recent podcast by La Primera de Expansión, a deep dive into Spain’s major distribution groups reveals a complex picture. While turnover has increased due to inflation, profits have not followed suit. This article aims to provide a comprehensive look at key players in Spain’s business landscape, including Coca-Cola, Pascual, Campofrío, IFM Fund, Indra, and Citibank.

Inflation’s Double-Edged Sword

Inflation has been a significant factor affecting Spain’s economy, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Companies like Coca-Cola and Pascual have seen an uptick in sales, but this has not translated into increased profits.

IFM’s Strategic Moves in Spain

The Australian fund IFM, which owns a stake in Naturgy, has been making headlines with its plans for Spain. The podcast also highlighted that Marc Murtra has joined the Board of Directors of ITP Aero, signaling potential strategic shifts.

Citibank’s Legal Victory

Citibank recently emerged victorious in a unique legal case involving an employee’s dishonest expense reporting. This win could set a precedent for how financial institutions handle similar situations in the future.

Government Budget and Global Politics

The podcast also touched upon key figures in the government’s budget for the upcoming year. On a global scale, Financial Times led its edition with the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, noting that President Biden will be traveling to Israel to express support and seek solutions.


From inflation’s impact on major companies to IFM’s strategic moves and Citibank’s legal win, Spain’s business landscape is undergoing significant shifts. As these stories continue to unfold, they will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications both domestically and internationally.