In a recent legal victory for Citibank, the financial institution successfully defended its decision to terminate an employee over dishonest expense reporting. Szabolcs Fekete, a senior analyst at the bank, had filed a lawsuit against Citibank, alleging wrongful termination.

The Expense Report Controversy

Fekete came under scrutiny for submitting an expense report that included a line item for coffee and snacks, which he later admitted were for his partner. The senior analyst had initially rejected the notion that he had expensed his partner’s meal, stating that the coffees were “too small” to be considered a dinner expense.

Legal Outcome: A Win for Citibank

The court ruled in favor of Citibank, thereby validating the bank’s decision to terminate Fekete’s employment. This case sets a precedent for how financial institutions can handle similar situations involving dishonest expense reporting.

Ethical Considerations: The Importance of Honesty

This incident underscores the importance of honesty and integrity in the workplace, particularly in sectors like banking where trust is paramount.


Citibank’s legal victory serves as a cautionary tale for employees in the financial sector and beyond. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to company policies and maintaining ethical standards, particularly when it comes to financial dealings like expense reporting.